Children Waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister

Children Waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister

Blake is a sweet-natured, reserved and happy 10 year old child. He is biracial (Hispanic and Caucasian) and lives with his single mom and younger sister north of Grand Rapids off of Plainfield. Blake enjoys baseball, swimming and riding his bike. He keeps a very organized and neat room. He hopes to own a camper and a dog in his future. Blake spends a lot of time alone as his mom works many hours. Blake needs a Big Brother to be his special friend and help him build additional social skills. Blake also struggles with his reading and math and would benefit from someone willing to help in this area occasionally.  

If you are interested in becoming a Big Brother to Blake, please contact Mallory West at (616) 284-5864 or

Dawit is a 13 year old African American male who lives in the Kentwood area.  Dawit desires a Big Brother who can encourage and support him with his interest in sports.  Dawit particularly loves soccer and would love a Big Brother who could support him by attending games and practicing with him when they are able.  Dawit’s two younger brothers take up much of his single mom’s time, and she is not able to participate in his sports activities as much as he would like.  Dawit loves the outdoors, playing video games, baseball, running cross country, and he loves drawing and art.  Dawit longs for a male figure in his life with whom he can have male interests and have fun.

If you would like to become Dawit’s Big Brother, please contact Tracy Straw at 616.774.4616. or to email her click here.    

Shamon is a an energetic African-American twelve year old boy in need of a Big Brother. He resides with his mom and siblings on the NE side of town. Shamon needs a caring Big Brother who can encourage him with his academics and help him learn to manage his emotions. Shamon has a great sense of humor and can be very comical. Shamon enjoys being active and likes sports, skating, and playing video games. He would like to become a chef when he grows up.

A patient Big Brother who would like to spend time with Shamon should contact Tracy Straw at 616.774.4616 or to email her, click here.